Dear Denim Day participant,

Thank you for joining the Denim Day movement, a sexual violence prevention and education campaign, to your community. Whether you are an advocate at a local rape crisis center, an educator or student, a community member, a college student, an elected official, a business leader—the list is endless (!)— we welcome you and support your work to end sexual violence.

We designed this campaign to be accessible for everyone, anywhere who wants to take action to prevent rape and all forms of sexual violence. We invite you to download our Denim Day Toolkit to obtain campaign logos, text, social media tools and strategies to drive change in your community. We support all efforts to use this campaign and its materials to raise funds for local services that support rape survivors.

We have seen the incredible work of survivors and allies in the past years. Survivors across the country have come out of the shadow and spoken out commanding national attention. 

From now until April 24, 2019, gear up--build your campaign, talk to friends, family, and decision makers. Wear jeans with a purpose, as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual assault. There is No Excuse and Never An Invitation to Harass, Abuse, Assault, Rape.


Patricia Giggans
Denim Day Founder & Executive Director of Peace Over Violence