Abuse, Harassment, Assault, Rape: Not on my Campus

There is so much you can do on campus to raise awareness of sexual violence. Here are some ideas:

Build a Team

Creating change around issues of sexual violence on campus is a big task and you can’t do it alone. Gather the support of friends, classmates and activists you know who are organizing on other issues, leaders and members of existing clubs on campus. Student clubs are a great way to organize collective actions, consider starting a club. Learn how to at bit.ly/clubhowto

Bring Denim Day to Your Campus

Denim Day is not only about wearing jeans, but also about collective action to support survivors and educate ourselves and others about sexual violence. Schools are perfect spaces to cultivate activism to end sexual violence. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Sexual Violence Community Forums
Consider hosting one or more sexual assault community forum with your college administration, relevant staff and campus safety officials. If your group has prepared reform demands, you may want to present some of these demands at the end of the forum and share with the larger community how to get involved and stay in the loop on the progress of your campaign’s actions.

Tabling Events, Awareness Displays, and Wearable Merchandise
Schools will often let your group reserve tables or space in your campus center or in other high-traffic areas to raise awareness about sexual and relationship violence and/or also help you gain support for your campaign. Wearable merchandise with messaging can serve as an effective form of protest when worn by members of the campus community.

The Clothesline Project
Survivors of violence and allies are invited to decorate a t-shirt speaking out against sexual violence and hang it amongst other t-shirts with messaging as a display that spreads awareness. See www.clotheslineproject.org for details.

Organized Protests and Rallies
If your campus community permits, mobilizing people, protests and rallies can be effective ways to gather attention for your cause. A committed group of activists can gain attention and support with organized protests and rallies, especially if you choose to invite media. Create motivating signs and posters and write chants to repeat with your organized demonstrators. Ask campus activists, survivors, and experts to prepare speeches to deliver to your gathered crowd.

Take Back the Night
A national movement in which events are organized to raise awareness about sexual violence. Many colleges and universities host Take Back The Night events that include activities such as a march around campus, a survivor speak-out and a candlelight vigil. See takebackthenight.org for details.

Small-Scale Protests
Organize groups of activists to arrive at events that prospective students attend, alumni gather, or where your main power holders will be speaking to a large audience or the media. Depending on the nature of the event, you can organize pointed questions to ask during Q&A sessions, hold signs with powerful messaging or even develop chants to gain attention.

Non-Event Campaign Actions
You may also want to engage your community and put pressure on your college/university’s administration in non-event actions. These include meetings with decision-makers, presenting reform proposals/demands, outreach to media, writing articles, open letters and petitions, among other activist efforts. Some ideas are:

  • Writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor

  • Create Your Own Media

  • Host a Screening of The Hunting Ground or another film

  • Distribution and placement of Posters, Flyers and Chalk-Art

  • Contact Alumni Allies

  • Inform and Involve Parents

  • Run a Dollars for Denim Campaign

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